Aqua Club

About Us

Aqua Club, nestled in the heart of Sydney, is not just another marine business—it's a legacy born from a profound love for the sea. We were born and raised on boats, surrounded by the mesmerizing waves and the open blue, and that passion echoes in every product we design and curate.

Specialising in yacht toys and products, Aqua Club goes beyond the generic. We believe that every yacht, big or small, has its own character and deserves accessories that complement its uniqueness. This is why customisation is at the core of our ethos. Whether it's a water toy tailored to the colour and theme of your vessel or a product designed to perfectly match the contours of your deck, we bring your visions to life.

At Aqua Club, we don’t just sell products, we enhance your marine experience. Driven by innovation, inspired by the ocean, and dedicated to our boating roots, we invite you to dive into a world where your yacht’s personality shines brighter than ever before. Welcome aboard.

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